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Alkon’s NEW Cloud Storage and File Sharing Service (using ownCloud) is Taking Off!

Discover 5 great reasons to start using cloud storage and file sharing for your business. Read why spending on software (including Cloud) is on the rise in 2016!

Cloud Storage vs. External Hard Drives

Rather than simply trying to be competitive with cloud storage giants like Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud, Alkon decided to develop a completely customized solution (using ownCloud as the backbone) combined with our first rate customer service to ensure maximum satisfaction!

  • Security – Security should be of utmost importance to every business. If your files are lost or compromised it could devastate your business and your reputation. Still not sure – read this article!
  • Accessibility – With cloud storage, you can access your information from almost any device with Internet connectivity.
  • Flexible Disc Space – The cloud has virtually unlimited storage. When you need more storage, you can easily add more storage by simply upgrading your plan. No extra hardware to purchase and no files to move.
  • Business Productivity – Imagine working out in the field meeting with customers and having access to the latest drawings, renderings, sales projections or other data right at your fingertips.
  • For Everyone – Cloud-based storage and file sharing is perfect for businesses ranging from sole proprietors to organizations with 10,000-plus employees
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Still Unsure About the Cloud? Consider the following:

Can also be HIPAA and/or PCI compliant

Meet the new challenges of a mobile workforce

Easy to sync your devices and access your information

Provide a secure way to exchange data both internally and with your clients

Why Did Alkon Choose ownCloud for its Cloud Storage & File Sharing?

This open source solution gives clients total control of how they use the cloud!

ownCloud uses in-house servers and storage, managed by Alkon’s IT staff. It supports many authentication methods, and features include virus scanning and encryption. Users can run ownCloud on Windows, Mac and Linux in addition to mobile apps available for iPhone, iPad and Android.  Even ZDNet likes ownCloud for businesses that have legitimate privacy concerns with companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft. ownCloud is also recommended for those that want the maximum amount of control over their storage solution and it’s configuration.


Don’t Get Left Behind!

Cloud-based storage and file sharing is quickly gaining in popularity.  Get your company data out from being locked away behind the company VPN or on an individual device – such as your desktop.  There are many things that leveraging a cloud storage solution opens up in this global market.

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