Having your customers say positive things about your employees, your company and the work you do is not only good for business, it demonstrates the overall company work ethic and culture. Since the beginning in 2003, Alkon has always taken pride in the strong relationships we establish with our customers. We start by meeting with the client to LISTEN to their NEEDS and then establish a program and timeline that fits their business goals and their budget. Involving the client in the process is critical to the success of any project. At Alkon, we place a high value on the relationship we have with every client, it’s simply good business.

At Alkon, we like to think of ourselves as a Customer Service company that just happens to build websites and online business applications (on schedule, with personal service and fast response times). When it comes to great Customer Service, it entails providing service to customers before, during and after they have signed an agreement. The way in which we treat our customers doesn’t vary by product, service, industry or individual customers – everyone is treated as if they are the most important client! At Alkon, our challenge has always been to maintain the personal experience, and where possible, to make use of the efficiencies of online resources. When working with Alkon, you can always “pick up the phone and talk to a human being” and NOT get stuck with automated customer service by touch-tone phone or online chat. At Alkon, we place a high value on providing great customer service!

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Alkon Consulting
Working with Alkon can be summed up in one word: extraordinary. And I mean that in the literal sense of the word. Their staff is way above the ordinary web design companies out there today, especially those who over promise and under deliver. When you work with Alkon, they focus their attention on your every need and making sure they don't promise what they can't deliver. That is truly extraordinary in today's business climate, but it's the way Al Konieczka's done business from the start. Trust me when I say after working with him for over fifteen years - he'll never let you down.

At Alkon, our team of professionals can provide your company with a reliable and trusted source of technical and creative skills. Each project begins with listening to your ideas, your needs, your goals and your dreams. And then together, we make them happen! We use our accumulated knowledge and experience to achieve results. Alkon provides you with a team of technical experts and customer service professionals who are here to help you with all of your web needs.
Our primary goal is to help businesses of all sizes to establish and maintain their digital footprint. A quality responsive website helps your customers make better decisions and improves your company’s search engine ranking. Your Web site is your digital brochure to the world. It communicates who you are, what you offer and what makes your company unique. Our experts will create a valuable, easy-to-use and interactive website that will tell your company’s story. We fully serve all of our clients by listening and communicating with you every step of the way.
Because Alkon is a full-service Web site design, development, hosting and maintenance company, we can take your project from concept to completion. Whatever your requirements, we will work together until we exceed your expectations. Our team can provide as much or as little assistance as you need and our expertise allows us to meet tight deadlines. That means we always deliver on time. Always! Our clients get personal, expert attention on every project from beginning to end. We listen to what YOU want and transform that into a professional, custom Internet solution. You don’t have to be a Web expert to have your ideas put into practice. That’s our job!

Alkon Consulting
When it comes to designing a website, everyone "knows a guy" that can do it. Unfortunately, enlisting someone that is not a professional or doesn't devote their full-time to you or your project can often be a major roadblock to actually getting your website up and running. The staff at Alkon is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. From the initial meeting, through the design process, to working out the kinks, and ongoing technical support, Alkon is there with you to make sure your website gets done in the most professional and timely manner. A website is a must for any business or organization looking to get out its message and/or establish its credibility. Alkon successfully brought our vision to the web.

Alkon provides its customers with extreme value because our costs are typically lower than most other web firms and agencies. Our clients are never charged for any initial meetings or phone calls as we learn about a company and their specific needs. A large part of Alkon’s mission is to educate companies and organizations on the need for a web site and provide a realistic expectation of what costs are associated with building their digital brand.
By creating or updating a client’s web site, they will receive value to their entire organization, or specific products or services. Each company is different and the value proposition delivered can also vary. For some clients, there is a hard dollar value, while for other clients the value is measured in terms of saved time and/or resources. In all cases, the return on investment (ROI) when developing a web site or online business application means that the benefits received, compared to the money spent, are favorably to the client and their overall business.
At Alkon, we make every effort to explain all costs up front so businesses can make an informed decision on how much or how little work a company wants to undertake. In other words, there are no hidden fees – the costs are all discussed, provided in writing and agreed upon by both sides before any work begins. When companies work with us, there are no surprises! Thinking about making some changes to your web site or developing an online business application? Fill out our Free Quote Form and we’ll send you a no obligation quote within two business days.

Alkon Consulting
We recently decided to redesign and optimize our website. After a vigorous proposal process, we made the decision to work with Alkon. Our decision was based on the following key elements: their knowledge and expertise, a very affordable cost, and their unparalleled customer service. After being burned in the past, I was very nervous about our website redesign and worried that it would be very frustrating and time consuming. Alkon made the entire process simple and seamless, from the original design work and layout to making last-minute changes quickly. The project ran so smooth and efficiently that before I knew it, we were launching our new website.