• Reduce daily SPAM by over 80%

Reducing Unwanted Email (SPAM)

How would you like to eliminate over 80% of the SPAM coming to your business email addresses on a daily basis?  That covers ALL email addresses for your domain!  Alkon is now offering a very affordable package to all clients to help reduce your SPAM headaches.  The cost for this SPAM eliminator is only $10 per month (for all email addresses associated with your domain name).

If you calculate the time and effort that you and your employees spend each day looking through and deleting SPAM email messages, this new SPAM blocking service is a no brainer!  Call or email us TODAY so that we can set this up for you and fix your SPAM concerns permanently!

To quote one of our clients who has already requested this new service: “The anti-spam program has been a big success – many less SPAM messages.”

WHY are there so many unwanted, tricky, manipulative, annoying, dangerous, and often illegal email messages going around? Because unscrupulous people can make a tidy profit by emailing SPAM.  In 2010, Gmail SPAM expert Brad Taylor stated that it costs $3,000 to rent a botnet (illegal networks of infected computers controlled by people other than their legitimate owners).  They send out millions of messages!

These spammers can get your email address from all sorts of sources. They can search infected PCs for anything that looks like an address. They can read them off of incoming and outgoing email. Hackers can break into e-tailers’ databases and steal addresses (and worse).

Contact Us TODAY to get set up and start eliminating over 80% of the SPAM coming to your business email addresses on a daily basis.