Welcome To Alkon Consulting

In 2003, Al Konieczka founded Alkon Consulting Group, Inc. – a Northwest Indiana-based professional website design, web development and web hosting company – to provide personal, professional and affordable Internet solutions for today’s global marketplace. Our team offers more than 150 years of combined experience in technology, marketing and customer service. We work with you in our results-driven, creative and collaborative environment to produce a web solution that captures your imagination and connects you to the world.

Since its inception, the Alkon Consulting Group, Inc. team has remained committed to exceeding your expectations. We’re never too busy to return a phone call or e-mail. That means you’ll always know the status of your project. The collaborative nature of our team enables us to remain flexible enough to spring into action or switch gears when required. That means we can handle your last minute requests. Our expertise allows us to meet tight deadlines ensuring we always deliver on time – always!

For years, we have been helping businesses who made the mistake of choosing the wrong web developer.  We have taken over and fixed a handful of Doppler Internet clients turning their websites around quickly while providing great customer service.  Have you been burned by a shady web developer?  If so, come over to Alkon and we’ll show you the true meaning of customer service!

The Who & Why

Who Is Alkon Consulting

Alkon Consulting Group, Inc. is a full-service provider of technology-based marketing services including Web site design, Web site hosting, organic search engine optimization (SEO) and internet security. Simply put, we provide personal, professional and affordable Internet solutions for today’s global marketplace.
There are two things that have made Alkon Consulting successful: We ALWAYS put our clients first and we ALWAYS provide our clients with technology solutions that are tailored to their individual, unique needs.
At Alkon, we will ALWAYS put you first as our client. That means we will always be available to take a phone call or answer an e-mail. We keep communication open and flowing. We believe this is the only way to forge long-term relationships.
And, not only will Alkon put you first, we will also deliver technology services that make sense for you and your business. We believe in completing projects on time and 100% to your satisfaction.

Why Choose Alkon?

Years in Business 18
Number of US States Served 50
Industries Served 34
Satisfied Customers 100%