The Alkon Management Team

Al Konieczka
Al KonieczkaExecutive in Charge / Sr. Project Manager
Al Konieczka has in-depth experience managing multi-million dollar technical projects for large companies including Encyclopedia Britannica and IBM, both in the US and internationally. Before starting his own company in 2003, Mr. Konieczka worked for over 10 years as a Senior Project Manager managing the development of household consumer software, educational publishing Web sites, as well as business websites for a variety of companies. He has been involved in every aspect of the product lifecycle from initial brainstorming, design and functional specification development through testing and release. Mr. Konieczka also has extensive post-launch marketing and training experience. He has excellent verbal and written communication skills, works well under pressure, meets critical deadlines, stays within budget and is a great manager and motivator of people. Mr. Konieczka holds a bachelor’s degree in communications.
Ron Zbleski
Ron ZbleskiSenior Application Architect/Systems Administrator
Ronald Zbleski has over 25 years of experience in the information technology field specializing in technical architecture, digital video systems, and the development of Internet, Extranet, and Intranet applications. He is highly experienced in analyzing needs of clients, determining technical specifications, supervising development teams, and hands on programming. Mr. Zbleski has spent the last decade designing and implementing enterprise class digital surveillance systems and analytics in the public transportation sector for such clients as O’Hare International Airport, Midway International Airport, Minneapolis Airport, and the Los Angeles World Airport System. Mr. Zbleski also worked with the Pentagon in the design of high resolution image and data. Mr. Zbleski is currently serving as a full time Application Architect and Systems Administrator for Alkon Consulting deploying and managing UNIX based systems in virtual environments. He is also responsible for infrastructure security including server hardening, vulnerability scanning, and firewall configuration.
Charles Buhrmann
Charles BuhrmannLead Programmer
Charles Buhrmann has been programming for over 20 years. For 7 of those years he was contracted with TIG Insurance out of Los Colinas Texas, handling their commercial property and liability systems. Other companies Mr. Buhrmann has contracted for many companies including CTG, IBM, USLife and Ennis Business. Mr. Buhrmann is able to provide any programming or database needs for web development and is a master troubleshooter. Mr. Buhrmann holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and has also published a book entitled “Java Power Source”.
Sean Murray
Sean MurraySolution Architect/Consultant
Sean Murray specializes in analyzing, designing, developingand maintaining web based solutions. Mr. Murray has extensive experience with websites and web-based applications that utilize custom designs. He has created and maintains numerous sites using custom styles (CSS), and responsive designs that adjust themselves automatically to support multiple platforms – including mobile, tablet and He has been involved in the full life cycle of client projects from initial consultation through to design, implementation, delivery, and maintenance. He began his career at IBM in 1989 and held positions at IBM spanning two decades in a variety of areas including programming, multimedia, Internet technologies, e-commerce, project management, architecture, consulting, software support and global team management. Mr. Murray holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and management from Kennesaw State University of Georgia and has received invention and patent awards for CDROM, Web-based technologies and support management systems.
Jim McGreal
Jim McGrealSenior Design Manager
Since 1983, Jim McGreal has been a pioneer designing for the web. An early developer of online content, Jim created some of the first interactive games and advertising campaigns for the videotext industry (a precursor to the web as it exists today). He has designed and illustrated online campaigns for various corporate clients, such as Sears, Sprint, and KLM. His print work includes projects for the National PTA, The Society for Visual Education and Amtrak. For 9 years Jim taught classes in web design at the Beverly Arts Center in Chicago and also produces award winning editorial cartoons and the syndicated Future Shock comic.