Many hosting companies offer low prices for hosting but leave out the most important aspects – customer service and support! Our robust, yet affordable, shared web hosting services provide you with peace of mind of knowing that your Web site is secure, reliable and most importantly, highly visible and available. We ensure your Web site is always up and running so that you can focus on your business.

Here’s what you can expect with Alkon as your host:

  • Set Pricing – We provide you with ALL of the space and tools you need at one low price instead of offering our services as “extras.” You can rest assured that you will receive everything you need from the start to fit your hosting needs.
  • Guaranteed Uptime – Our servers are located in a premier data center, backed by excellent customer service and have a 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Have a question? Need to make a change? Give us a call or e-mail us. We will ALWAYS be available to you.
  • Backup – In the event of a hardware failure, we have backups of your data and are able to get your Web site up and running again quickly and efficiently.

Our Clients

Why Choose Us

  • We create fully responsive sites so your content will always look good on any device
  • We offer “shared server” hosting prices on our dedicated virtual servers
  • Our affordable SPAM tool eliminates virtually ALL of your unwanted/junk email
  • Easy access and fast response times to ALL clients, regardless of company size
  • We provide FREE initial consultations to learn about you and your business
  • We have years of experience developing websites using Cascade Server

What Our Clients Say

Alkon Consulting 4.83 out of 5 based on 12 ratings. 12 user reviews.
Alkon Consulting
Working with Alkon can be summed up in one word: extraordinary. And I mean that in the literal sense of the word. Their staff is way above the ordinary web design companies out there today, especially those who over promise and under deliver. When you work with Alkon, they focus their attention on your every need and making sure they don't promise what they can't deliver. That is truly extraordinary in today's business climate, but it's the way Al Konieczka's done business from the start. Trust me when I say after working with him for over fifteen years - he'll never let you down.